Daishin Asset Management is a leading financial service provider with long history and international reputation.

Accumulated Experience in Asset Management

Since its establishment as a consultant agency in 1988, Daishin Asset Management has achieved continued growth. Based on its accumulated experience in asset management, Daishin Asset Management now provides a wide range of services including securities investment and trust, investment consulting, investment trust, overseas investment consulting, and mutual fund operation.

Global Recognition

Daishin Asset Management was registered as a investment consultant by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission in 1988 to increase its global presence.  Since then, Daishin Asset Management has provided several overseas financial consulting services.  In 1999, Daishin Asset Management gained an investment from Sumitomo Life Insurance, a leading global financial institution in Japan.  Daishin Asset Management is building expertise as a global asset management service provider and gaining credibility in the global marketplace.

Leading Financial Service Provider in Korea

Daishin Asset Management is a member of Daishin Group, a leading financial expert in Korea.  With 20 years of cooperation with the Research Center of Daishin Securities, Daishin Asset Management strives to provide high-quality financial services in Korea.